Jim Nunnery Insurance Services


CA license #: 0657547

About Jim Nunnery

Jim has been providing insurance services to small businesses and individuals in California since 1992. Jim's philosophy is simple: PROVIDE EXCELLENT, PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE. Jim's customers know who he is; they feel comfortable picking up the phone to ask him questions, and they resist being transferred to other agents.

In a world that is getting more and more impersonal, Jim is determined to keep his clients in tune with the changing insurance environment in a personal way. Does an employee have a question about their benefits or premiums? Your employees will know who Jim is, and Jim will make sure that their questions are answered.

Jim has been married for 28 years. He and his wife have three grown children who have been raised in Oceanside. Jim is also an avid baseball (and softball) player. Many of his clients are fellow teammates who put their trust in Jim on and off of the field.

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